Rainy and Overcaffeinated Day

It was yesterday, 25.05.06

Breakfast at home:

Menu standard: American Toast, Internet, two mugs Earl Grey.

Brunch at 10h at Seher's:
Menu:Vanilla Rings, Vollkornbrot mit Käse, Wurst und Champignon überbacken, one mug Ceylon Assam Tea and one mug Pfefferminztee. Nice conversation with Kathrin, Seher and Joy. Talking about all of things we could talk: Pregnancy, Ob-gyn, Insurance, Children, Niqab, Consequences, Exams, etc. etc. Was very nice, since we don't see each other for long time. Laughing, Exciting, Planing to see on Friday evening regularly. Yes, that's what i missed.

(Kind of) Lunch at 14h at home:

Menu: Just noodle with chicken and champignon, one apple, and one mug Darjeeling plus an often-disconnected-chatting with Jeng. It's cold and rainy outside. A little bit sleepy afterward. Took a nap for 1,5 hour, before went to Sobiroh's place for "Pisang Goreng" Time.

"Pisang Goreng" Time at 18h at Sobiroh's:

Actually the main menu should be "pisang goreng", because Nadine wanted it since she missed "pisang goreng" Indonesia very much. And the cold and rainy weather was suitable for "pisang goreng". But, as usual if four women (three are "Teetrinkerinnen") met each other, there's no time without cooking, eating and women stuffs conversation. So, menu: grilled chicken with curcuma, pepper, coriander; fritierte Aubergine mit Eier; Zucchini, Paprika mit Tomatensoße gewürzt mit Basilikum und Oregano; very delicious Thai-Duftreis. Of course the "main dessert" "pisang goreng". Drink: at the first time i tried just drinking water since i realized that i've already had 5 mugs of tea. So, i drank 3 glasses of water, 1 glass carrot-banana-lemon-orange-juice, but then…"pisang goreng" with apple-cinnamon-tea tempted me very much. 2 cups of those tea should be enough? No. Spending the nice evening with Nina, Nadine and Sobiroh just made the temptation of drinking more tea become bigger and bigger. So, another two cups of tea: rooiboos african tea. Afterward just laughing, laughing because of many funny stories (or maybe it was not funny at all). Always changing the topics from food to drink to language and culture to the idea of ideal beauty of asian and european to dreams and phobies etc., etc. I think slowly i was getting overcaffeinated, so i had to stop.

At home: tried not to drink tea anymore. It was 3 am in the morning and i still woke up. Couldn't sleep and didn't even feel sleepy at all. But i should go to bed and try to sleep. Otherwise i would stay wake up all night.

This morning i've just already had two mugs of Earl Grey. Again. Sorry, i can't avoid it. It really helps me to wake up :)